Jennifer Stewart is one of the main antagonist of The New And The Old Wiki.

Jennisfer Stewart is portrayed by Hillary Duff.


Jennfer is a very funny, mean and bitchy cheerleader. She actually doesnt care about anybody's feelings, except her friends feelings. She loves being the centre of attention and the fact that everybody tells her she complety gorgeous and funny. She complety loves being with her two friends Megan and Khadija, especially because they are the three most populars and pretty girls of the whole school. Jennifer could be complety mean and bitchy, but in the other way, she always get complety sorry and sad when she hurt somebody, and she always go very fast with the person she hurt to say sorry, something that Megan and Khadija complety dislike about her. The only thing she wants is to be head cheerleader and she will do everything to be the best, so the couch could ask her to be head cheerleader, and she doesnt care about hurting her best friends feeling to get it. She would love to be on the Glee Club but her friend Megan says she is not talented enough to be on the Glee Club, and that made her complety sad and unconfident about her talent.


She is a very rich girl. She was adopted but she doesnt care about it. She actually hates being adopted but she doesnt wanna say it to anybody, especially her friends Megan and Khadija because she know they will start bothering her. She is complety in love with someone but she wont tell it to nobody.




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