Megan Smythe is one of the main antagonist of The New And The Old Wiki

Megan Smythe is portrayed by Megan Fox.


Megan is typical bitchy and mean cheerleader. She is also a bully. She really loves bullying all the losers of the glee club. She also loves telling them losers. But in one side of her she loves singing. She would really love joining the glee club, but she doesnt wanna lose her popularity, so she will do is trying to make those losers to winners ( losers to populars ) but she doesnt wanna nobody to realized that. She is actually exactly the same as her elder brother, she could actually do everything to get what she wanted and dont let anybody threw crap on her. Even that she is a really good friend, she always make fun of her best friends and actually is very annoying, like she told Jennifer that she is not talented at all and that hurts Jennifer so much, and Megan dont care at all.


She lived all her life in Paris, with her father and elder brother, Sebastian Smythe. She was actually really cute and pretty, like a real princess. She always had fights with her brother, and actually that makes her really sad. But because of that she started having his awful personality. Mean and bitchy, that was the new Megan. Later they moved to USA, but the strange thing is that they went to different schools. Sebastian to Dalton Academy and Megan to McKinley High. She get really mad at that, but in a way really happy because there she was the Queen Bee and head cheerleader. But in that mean, bitchy and bully girl heart, in the other side, she loves singing. She really wanted to be in Dalton because the Warblers are really poplular and the guys of ND, not so much. So she will try to make the guys of the school being populars, but just on her own, because she didnt want anybody to know it. And actually she is kinda sad because she lived alone there in Lima, because he father was on Paris for a year and Sebastian on Dalton and he lives there as Dalton is a boarding school, so she stay on her friend's house and has her all-days long talks on the phone with her brother.Later she will join the glee club.




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