The New and The Old

Missing Family

When the 2013 school year began Glee club was never the same. There are more empty chairs and everyone was sad to be back cause it bring backs memories of the old times. They all had lost their friends, team mates, and some of them lost their lovers. The group would never be the same. Like not seeing their friends in the hallway and not seeing half of the club makes them miss the others more. They all had created a bond with each and everyone in the club inside the choir room. They started as "Underdogs" and even though it took a while they had finally became one of the "Top dogs" this year. This year is going to be different and they all knew that. New faces. New challenges. New life. Only one thing is Old this year and its: Dreams.

As they strode down the halls of McKinley everyone greeted them. This year they were now considered cool and popular. As Mr. Shue was putting up the sign-up sheet for this year he took a moment to remember his original Glee club. Two months after graduation he got a call from his student saying they are all leaving in two days and it would mean a lot if Emma, Sue, Shannon, and him would be there to say their goodbyes.

Two days later there time to leave came by really fast. He waited with Emma, Sue and Sue’s new born baby, and Shannon. His student came by groups. Rachel, Kurt, Finn, and Blaine came first. Followed by Tina, Mike, Mercedes, Sam, and Artie. Puck and Quinn came together. And lastly Santana, Brittany, and Sugar. Rory already left on the third week of summer break. When they had there last group hug everyone was in tears. They all promised to come back for Will and Emma’s wedding.

One by one they all departed. Rachel, Kurt, and Mercedes went to NY but Rachel and Kurt are going to NYADA while Mercedes are going to NYU. Quinn is going to Connecticut to start her schooling in Yale. Puck is going to LA to pursue his pool cleaning business. Finn went to Fort Benning Georgia to join the Army. Mike went to Chicago to go to Joffre. Santana went to Louisville to start her schooling in The University of Louisville. He though “It’s a new year and I will find new students that will need my help like the other kids”


Meanwhile Artie, Brittany, Blaine, Sugar, Sam, Tina, and Joe waited for Mr. Shue to come in and start class. They are talking about their summer and about their other friends that aren’t in the school anymore.

“How is everything with Rachel and Kurt?” Tina turned to ask Blaine

“They are doing great….they didn’t like there roommates so they decided to get an apartment outside the campus so they can be roommates.” He answered with a small smile.

“What about Mercedes and Puck, Sam?” Artie asked the blonde guys sitting right next to him.

“Puck is doing great with his pool cleaning business and Mercedes is doing great and she is actually is super excited about her record deal.” Sam said with a small smile while looking down on his lap twisting his fingers.

“What about Santana and Quinn, Britt” Sugar turned to the back to talk to the blonde who has been in thoughts for a while now.

“Quinn is doing great she loves it there in Yale and Santana is…. Okay too she is a little busy with cheerleading practice can you believe that there is a much worse than Coach Sylvester?” She answered and asked.

Everyone in the room just stared at her in disbelief. They thought that Coach Sylvester is one of the meanest people in the whole word to ever live. As they were to clarify what they just heard something interrupted their conversation. It was a ringing phone and everybody turns to Brittany as her phone was ringing. She did nothing though.

“Britt that is your phone”

“Um…. Artie”


“How do I answer it?” as she looked down on the ringing device in her hands.

“Um here… You just touch the screen and slide your fingers on it” Artie instructed Brittany. Brittany smiled when she unlocked the phone. Another Text came in but she went and open the old one saying:

Hey just got in sorry about that… are u in class if u’r not then can you see me in my locker? ~S

Oh my locker number is 500 btw. See u in a few ~S

She smiled at her phone while everyone was looking at her. She stood up and left the room without saying a word and looking back to see everyone look at each other while holding a confused looks on their faces. Turning their head to see Mr. Shue come in the room with a happy face.

“Hey guys it so nice to see you guys back here in the choir room again. I know we lost half of the group bu-“ Sensing there was one of his kids missing he skimmed over the group and saw a particular blonde gone.

“Um.. Guys where is Brittany?” He asked the group.

Everyone was looking at each other to see if anyone is going to say anything.

“Um… She just left Mr.Shue…” Joe answered the question for everyone.

“Where did she go?” Mr. Shue asked _________________________________________________________________________ Brittany walks thought the halls and can’t help to think. I can’t believe she is back. As her thought trailed she can’t help but stop and look and the brunet girl that was standing in her locker stacking up books. There she was wearing skinny jeans, a pair of black converse, a button up polo shirt and when she twisted to look she was also supporting a tank top underneath her polo shirt that was tucked underneath inside of her pants. Her hair was straight and long. She started to walk up to her and whispers in her ear saying…

“It’s finally nice to see you here Sanny”

The girl turned and was grinning already just from seeing a familiar face that she hasn’t seen in a long time. She gave the blonde girl one of the most bone crushing hug to ever been given.

“Ouch…Girl you gotten so strong!” The blond replied with a giggle.

“It’s so good to see you. I have missed Lima so bad, I can’t even believe that I just said that” the brunet replied with a laugh. She turned to close her locker.

“Yah everything changed since you moved” Brittany said with a sad smile. The other girl caught the change in Brittany’s facial expression.

“Hey now don’t be sad I just got back I don’t want anyone sad on my first day back”

“I just miss her”

“I know you do… I do too” She said with a sad expression.

“Hey you know what why don’t we go to the Auditorium and spend our free period there?” Brittany asks just to lighten the mood on the smaller brunet.


“Sanny I missed you so much I can’t believe you are here!!”

“Ha-ha Britt I missed you too and it is good to be back and see everyone again” Shantelle answered with a happier smile on her gorgeous face. Brittany linked arms with Shan and they both started walking towards the Auditorium. _________________________________________________________________________ Back in the hallway Jetro was putting his book in his locker when his twin brother Jackson came right next to his locker and starts to open the locker right next to him and put his stuff back Jackson turns to face his brother.

“Hey bro guess who is back?” he said with a smirk on his face.

“Who?” Jetro answered his brother still putting his stuff in his locker.

“Come on Jet just guess?” he answered with a pleading voice.

“Okay fine um…. Eric that dude you use to be friends with?”

“No he is still in Texas… You are no fun to mess with come on dude”

“Marty just tell me” Jetro asked with a smile.

“Okay fine Shantelle is back” Jackson stated with a smug smile. Jetro’s eyes grew wide and he was sure his mouth was already on the floor when he heard the name. His heart started pounding really bad.

“WHAT !!! Shantelle is back like she is here in Lima!!!” He shouted to his brother who is just two feet away from him and collapsed to the floor. He was so shocked to hear that Shantelle was back. His crush ever since he can remember. He was brought back to reality when he heard his brother laughing at him.

“It’s not funny!!”

“Yah it kinda is but bro if you don’t believe me she is in the Auditorium with that Brittany girl” Jackson said in defense.

“Hey Marty can you come with me pls?” Jetro asked his Jackson

“Yah sure dude but we have to be quite okay” Jetro nodded and with that they left to go to the Auditorium.

_________________________________________________________________________ Back in the Auditorium Brittany and Shantelle went to the stage. Shantelle’s eyes quickly went wide when she saw the drums in the corner of the stage. She looked at Brittany quickly and flashed her a smile and ran over to the drum set.

“Oohh can you still play the drums Sanny?” Brittany asked the brunet.

“Hell yah I still play the guitar and the drums while I was in LA I learned more and I attended classes for them” Shantelle said proudly.

“Well that is good we don’t want you leaving Lima for three years just to go to LA and come back not playing any instruments can’t we now?”

“Well why don’t we see if I am talentless or not huh”

“Okay what do you have in mind?”

“Why don’t we do that song us four like to sing on sleepovers?” Shantelle answered with a knowing smile. She started the to play the starting notes of the song. Brittany stands there in awestruck. She did get better. Shantell started to sing.

(Shantell) I throw all of your stuff away, Then I clear you out of my head, I tear you out of my heart, And ignore all your messages

They looked at each other smiling brightly when they remember the times when they sing this on sleepovers. They were so caught up that they didn’t see Jackson and Jetro come in the front door. They both smile at the scene in front of them and both try to seat in the back without disturbing them. Jetro saw Shantelle again she was the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen. Well her whole family was a very beautiful too. She was also very talented and very kind but she is also feisty. He smiled at the thought.

(Shan and Brittany) I tell everyone we are through, 'Cause I'm so much better without you, But it's just another pretty lie, 'Cause I break down, Every time you come around ,Oh oh!

Brittany started Jumping up and down when they got to the chorus. Shantelle smiled at the scene in front of her. She was really good in drums and guitar. She loved listening to the different rhythms. She loved singing and dancing. Her voice is so powerful but not like Mariah Carey powerful but more of a Beyonce. She has a great range in her voice.

(Shan and Brittany) So how did you get here under my skin?, I swore that I'd never let you back in, Should've known better than trying to let you go, 'Cause here we go go go again, Hard as I try I know I can't quit, Something about you is so addictive, We're falling together, you'd think that by now I'd know, 'Cause here we go go go again

(Brittany) You never know what you want, And you never say what you mean, But I start to go insane, Every time that you look at me

(Shan and Brittany) You only hear half of what I say, And you're always showing up too late, And I know that I should say goodbye, But it's no use, Can't be with or without you!, Oh oh

The boys stared awestruck at the two girls in the stage. They knew Shantelle can play but not this good. The boy’s also knew Brittany was a great dancer they saw her last year in Glee club. They boy’s love singing it was one of their favorite pastimes they do together. Jetro loves dancing. Jackson loves to rap. They were super close not only were they twins they were also best friends.

(Shan and Brittany) So how did you get here under my skin?, I swore that I'd never let you back in, Should've known better than trying to let you go, 'Cause here we go go go again, Hard as I try I know I can't quit, Something about you is so addictive, We're falling together, you'd think that by now I'd know,'Cause here we go go go again, 'gain And again(And again)And again(And again)And again!

(Shan) I threw all of your stuff away, And I cleared you out of my head, And I tore you out of my heart, Oh oh, oh oh

(Shan and Brittany) So how did you get here under my skin?, I swore that I'd never let you back in, Should've known better than trying to let you go,'Cause here we go go go again, Hard as I try I know I can't quit, Something about you is so addictive, We're falling together, you'd think that by now I'd know, 'Cause here we go go Here we go again, Here we go again!, Should've known better than trying to let you go, 'Cause here we go go go again

(Brittany) Again, And again, And again, And again

They were both grinning like fools. They started laughing. When they stopped they still were oblivious that they had an audience.

“That was amazing!” Brittany shouted.

“OMG that was fun.” Shantelle stated.

“You know what I think you should join the Glee club so I won’t be lonely anymore and beside I think she would like that” Brittany suggested while leaving the Auditorium to go to her next class. Leaving Shantelle to think things over. Her thoughts were interrupted when her phone rang she smiled when she saw who it was so she picked it up and answered it.

“Hey long time no talk, it’s so nice of you to call me, I thought you something happened to you like you just died. ” She answered smile.

“Haha so funny Sanny” The other line said.

“ Aww you think I am funny?” She laughed at the other person in the other line.

“You know what I call you once and you make fun of me I see how it is” The other person spat with venom.

“I am just kidding... Hey I love you and I also miss you and that face of yours” She said with a sad smile.

The boy’s look at eachother when they heard those words. Jetro looks down with a sigh and thinks I just blew it she already has someone. Jackson sees this and say to him.

“Hey let’s go the bell is going to ring now and we will be late for class” he said with a sad smile he already knows Jetro is sad because Jetro has had a crush on Shantelle since 6th grade he just didn’t have the courage to tell her. He was heartbroken when she said that she was moving to LA to her aunt's house to go to a music school program even though she was only 10. She was very talented.

“Okay let’s go” Jetro turned to him and gave him the best smile he can give. They stood up slowly and left without interrupting Shantelle with her conversation. He gave one last look over his shoulder to the girl that has been his crush since he can remember and left. Shantelle was oblivious to the twins leaving. She was so invested talking to the person in the other room.

I miss you too Sanny and I love you also I miss that hideous face of yours”

“Am I suppose to be insulted about that?” She asked teasingly.

“I think you should be”

“OUCH girl that bruised my ego” She answered back playfully.

The other end of the line started laughing.

“Hey listen as much as I would love to stay and chat I need to go okay... Hey I love you and I miss you and I will see you next week okay” She said in a hopefull tone.

“Wait you are going?” The girl said in disbelief.

“Yah why not anyway I have to go okay love you” “ Yah sure love you too bye”

“Bye” She hangs up and went straight to her locker.

She went by the day with ease. Seeing her friends and old schoolmates was really good. She is still one of the popular girls. You see she is really kind and helpful but if you mess with her and hurt someone she loves you might have just made the worst decision in your life to cross path with her. It might have been a family trait. ______________________________________________________________________________

“Mr. Shue I have someone that is going to audition for today in the Auditorium” Brittany said as she was trying to catch up to him in the halway. He stopped and turned to her with a surprised smile.

“Wow Brittany you already found someone? I looked at the sheet no one has signed up yet and I only put that up yesterday” He asked the blonde chearleader.

“Um yah but you should let her audition first before you ask her any questions cause she might back out”

“Okay um I will tell everyone to go to the Auditorium for Glee club today” He said with a smile.

“Thanks Mr. Shue I will tell her now” Brittany said before she left to find the brunet.

When she found her in her locker fixing her hair and taking out her books out of her locker. When she got closer she got to see what she was wearing. Today she was wearing Skinny jeans that was hugging in the right places, leather boots, a white tank top, and a Leather jacket over her tank top that was revealing a bit of cleavage. She wore her hair straight to day. She came closer to her and can’t help look over across the hall and 4 jocks checking out the brunet while making small talk about the brunet or something stupid. But something caught her eye. It was one of the jocks looking at Shantelle with passion filled eyes. She can’t help but wonder if the guy had a crush on Shantelle for years or what. She went around the brunet to block the vision of the brunet from the jocks who is eyeing her like she was a piece of meat. She can’t help be protective of the certain brunet. She leaned in and said to her.

“Hey do you know what you are doing to those guys?” She asked out of curiosity.

“Who them?” She pointed her head to the jocks across the hall. Brittany nodded.

“Yah them”

“ Well not my fault that this body is flawless”

“Ha-ha very funny anyway I told Mr. Shue that someone was going to audiotion for Glee club” Brittany said with a smirk.

“Who?” Shantelle was still rummaging through her locker. When she looked at her peripheral vision she saw Brittany’s smile widened and couldn’t help turn to the blond with eyes popping out and mouth wide open.

“BRITTANY WHY DID YOU DO THAT” She couldn’t help raise her voice a little but then hushing her voice when she finished.

“Because I know you would do it anyway but come on how fun would it be if you weren’t there” She said with a sad smile. When she teh brunet didn’t answer she put on a pout and her famous puppy eyes that another brunet can’t get enough. She was right Shantelle then put her face in her locker and sighed really loud.

“Ugh okay fine I will do it just put the pout and the puppy eyes away”

“Yay I knew you would do it” She said excitedly and started to jump in place. When Shantelle saw this she started to laugh and shake her head amused by the blondes action.

“Why you laughing?”

“Nothing let’s just go okay” they left Shantelle's locker in silence then Brittany decided to break the silence.

“I knew you were gonna do it cause I know she would want you to join either you like it or not and she would also want you to have fun like she did in Glee club” She said with a sad smile

“Yah I know she would have kicked some sense into my head if I didn’t do it”

“I miss her really bad I wish she was her”

“I know Britt me too... Me too” She said in a whisper. Brittany left her side and she was just standing in the middle of the hallway on her own.

(Shan) Well it's good to hear your voice, I hope you're doing fine, And if you ever wonder, I'm lonely here tonight

She continued to sing through the hallway. She was so lost in the moment that she didn’t see someone was watching her in the hallway.

(Shan) I'm lost here in this moment, And time keeps slipping by, And if I could have just one wish, I'd have you by my side

She was standing in the middle of the stage and out there in the Audience she saw Mr. Shue and the rest of the Glee club all looking at her with concentration. Brittany was in the first row listening to her sing and supporting her to continue. The person that was watching her in the hallway opened the door to the Auditorium really softly so no one knew that she was there. She watched with adoration to the girl on the that was pouring her heart in that song. She knew it was about her. She knew that with the conversation they had shared a few times and it was also the song Shantelle sings to her to comfort her.

Oh, ho, I miss you Oh, ho, I need you

Shantelle brushed a tear that was falling off of her cheeks. She still hadn’t seen the girl that was standing near the door that was wiping the tear that fell of her cheeks. Shantelle was pouring her heart out into that song she know Brittany was feeling the same so she looked at the blond in front of her and kept singing.

And I love you more, Than I did before, And if today I don't see your face, Nothing's changed, No one could take your place, It gets harder every day, Say you love me more than you did before, And I'm sorry it's this way, But I'm coming home, I'll be coming home, And if you ask me I will stay I will stay

Brittany was also crying thinking of a certain brunet. Sugar and Tina were also crying because they can feel the emotions of the girl in front of them. The Glee Club was staring at Shantelle with amazement. Well I try to live without you, But tears fall from my eyes, I'm alone and I feel empty God, I'm torn apart inside I look up at the stars, Hoping you're doing the same, And somehow I feel closer, And I can hear you say

She was crying more now and can feel her emotion starting to burst with sadness.

Oh, ho, I miss you Oh, ho, I need you

Brittany and the girl near the door were also in tears.

I love you more, Than I did before, And if today I don't see your face, Nothing's changed, No one could take your place, It gets harder every day, Say you love me more than you did before, And I'm sorry it's this way, But I'm coming home, I'll be coming home, And if you ask me I will stay I will stay Always stay I never want to lose you And if I had to, I would choose you So stay Please always stay You're the one that I hold on to Cause my heart would stop without you

The Glee club and Mr.Shue were all stunned by Shantelle’s performance. They can feel the girl’s emotion.

I love you more, Than I did before, And if today I don't see your face, Nothing's changed, No one could take your place, It gets harder every day, Say you love me more than you did before, And I'm sorry that it's this way, But I'm coming home, I'll be coming home, And if you ask me, I will stay, I will stay, I'll always stay

She closes her eyes when she sings the next verse. The way she is feeling now is way too much for her. She feel really sad because that special someone isn’t here to hear the song she always sing to her when that person is sad or needs to calm down. That special someone that she calls.... Her sister. And I love you more than I did before, And I'm sorry that it's this way, But I'm coming home, I'll be coming home, And if you ask, I will stay, I will stay, I will stay

When she finished she opened her eyes to see everyone was standing and wiping the tears out of there eyes. She sadly smiles to them. She wipes the tear that was in her eyes. She misses her sister. The girl in near the door was also in tears as she sees the one of the people she really cared about sing their hearts out.

“Wow that was amazing!!” Mr. Shue complemented Shantelle followed by whistles and shouts saying “Amazing”, “That was Amazing”, and “Bravo”.

“Thanks” She bowed down her face to not let everyone see her drop the last tear in her eye but Brittany caught that and can’t help but look at the girl in the stage with an adoring facial expression on her face.

“I mean like wow that just touched our hearts.....what is your name?” Mr. Schue asked with curiosity. Everyone calmed down sat down on their chair except for Artie since he can’t stand. Everyone waited for Shantelle to say her name.

“Um my name is ….” she looked at Brittany. Brittany nodded to encourage her to go on. She accepted it with a smile. In the other end of the room the girl held her breath and is scared that Shantelle is going to say her name. She never told them about having a lil sister. She was very important to her so only two of her friends knew about her having a sister.

“My name is …... Shantelle Lopez” She said her name with her face bowed down.

Everyone was stunned except for Brittany of course. Everyone was looking at eachother putting the pieces together. That is why Brittany left on the first day to see her. Shantelle. That is why they knew each other really well. That is why they are always together. She was Santana’s sister. They never knew Santana had sister. They only knew she had a brother but never a sister.

“Wait your Santana’s Sister?” Blaine stepped in because he could see the silence was tearing the other girl down. She looked to the first row and saw Brittany’s face staring wide eyed to the door. When he looked to the door he saw her staring at the girl in the stage that was still oblivious that someone was at the door and is staring at her with complete adoration.

“Yah I am Santana’s sister” Shantelle said looking up to see everyone’s face looking at her wide eyed and mouth wide opened then she saw something else that she never she thought that she would see not until next week at least. There she was near the door. Staring right back at her.Santana. She couldn’t believe it. It was suppose to be a surprise for their father’s birthday that Santana will know that she was back. She was speechless

“Santana?” Shantelle choked out. As she moved to the stairs and stared at the girl in the door.

Santana just smiled and nodded wiping the tear in her eyes. Everyone was quite and just stared as Shantelle ran into Santana’s arms hugging her real tight. They were both crying by the time they let go of each other. Shantelle wanted to ask her sister a lot of questions.

“How did you know I was here?” Shantelle asked while wiping the tears out of her eyes.

“God you are so big and so pretty and hot and you better take that compliment cause I never thought I would say that about someone else than me or Britt ... “ She said with a light chuckle Shantelle joined in with a giggle and Santana continued. “Um me and Brittany were Skyping last night and she was texting someone and I asked who it was she said it was you and she said you guys were talkin about Glee club and I asked her why Glee club and she said cause you were Auditioning today and I was shocked to say you were back here in Lima even though LA is much better that here and no one said to anything to me that you were back and you didn’t even say that to me yesterday when I called you.” She answered. She was everyone gathered around them but she still looked at the girl in her arms and flicked her head up to see blue eyes staring at her with a smile. She smiled back and averted her gaze back to the girl in her arms.

“Mami and Papi told me to keep it a secret until you come back for Papi’s birthday but I don’t know why though” Shantelle said bowing her head in shame of not telling her most favorite person in the world that she was back in there hometown.

“It’s okay baby at least I know now and we can spend time cause I am here until papi’s birthday okay” She said with a smile.

“Wait what about college?” Shantelle asked with confusion.

“I got a exempted but I have to do my studies via internet” She said and rolling her eyes at her teachers back at the University.

“Well Santana you can come by to the choir room whenever you want okay and it’s so good to see you” Mr. Shue interrupted there moment and got a deathly glare from the Lopez sisters. He cowered back and though he did something wrong but bothe the latina’s started laughing and they all looked at the two girls laughing thinking what are they laughing about. Brittany just stared at them cause she remember the time where the two girls were always adorable, funny and cute whenever they are together. Shantelle was the only one that knew Santana for the real her well except Brittany. They always bonded and are really close.

“That was fun! I miss those times remember when we went to the grocery store and you went all Lima heights on that store clerk because he gave you the wrong kind of meat for you Empanada’s” Shantelle said with a smile and buried her face to her sister’s neck trying to find a comfortable spot. Santana giggles at her sisters cuteness and stares up to find the Blue eyed blonde staring at her with passion. She smiled at Brittany and she returned it. Brittany took a step toward Santana and leaned in Santana leaned in. They met halfway and both smilled at the kiss. Shantelle decided to break it up.

“Now that is just wrong....” Santana looked at her with scared eyes and Shatelle decided to finish what she was saying. “ You can’t just kiss your girl when you are hugging me, now I feel like the third wheel” She added with a pout. Everyone was smiling and Santana felt relieved now that she know her sister is okay with it. She started giggling and shook her head at the kid.

“Hahaha well right now you kind of are” She said with a smirk.

“Uuhh that hurt” She said acting like she just got offended and touched her heart and started to back away. The bell rang meaning time for lunch.

“Well guys let’s go so you don’t miss lunch and Santana you are welcome to come back anytime you want and it’s nice to see you again” Mr. Shue said with a smile everyone was nodding as they agreed with Mr. Shue.

“Thanks Mr.Shue and it’s glad to be back” Santana said with a smile.

Awesome start for the school year.....



Here we go again ~ Demi Lovato = Shantelle and Brittany

Stay ~ Miley Cyrus = Shantelle

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