Troy Lamor Allen is a character in The New And The Old Wiki.

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Troy Lamor Allen


Troy is complety friendly. Is easy to get along with him.

Is the one kid that everybody loves to hang around if he just met you can make you feel like you known him since you were a child because that is just the person he is. He doesn't believe in putting people down. He also always try to help a friend out whenever he can he useally supportive and tryes to stay out of the drama. He becomes friends with everybody in New Directions and helps out with the dance moves and writes original songs for the choir. He also gets over excited by the idea of doing Micheal jackson songs. He also begins a relationship with khadijah garnett . He is also  friends with Micheal  mogenson He is also good friends with Jetro and Jackson. The Four sit together at lunch.

He also has a deep dark secret  that his best friend doesn't even know about


Troy lamor allen is a very talented singer rapper and dancer. and Songwiriter His choice of style is R&B pop and Hip hop

Him and micheal has been friends since they were little





Song Name Original Artist Episode
In My Head Jason deluro ?

Solos In A Group NumberEdit

Song Name Sing With Original Artist Episode

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